the before-you-squat spray

before-you-squat spray

Slay Your Poo-Stink with the
Golden Fart of a Mystic Unicorn.

Two convenient sizes:

    2oz  &  4oz    

Fruity Booty

Cherry & Mixed Berries

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Citrus Squeeze

Orange and Lemon

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Pinch of Vanilla

Vanilla & Tonka Bean

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Mystic Forest

Bergamont & Bay Leaf

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Tropical Dropsicle

Coconut & Magnolia

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    100% real gold nanoparticles in Unicorn Gold react with sulfur (the stuff that makes poop stink) to stop stench in its tracks.

  • Totally new, patent-pending technology
  • More effective than any other spray
  • Concealable, effective and easy to use

"This stuff actually works! I keep bottles in all of my bathrooms and always have one in my purse."

-Jenny from San Fransico, CA

Fight the odor on two fronts:

Unlike other toilet sprays, Unicorn Gold fights the stench both above and below the splashline.


Colloidal gold targets the sulfur compounds that cause poop to stink and instantly eliminates those nasty molecules mid-air.


Unicorn Gold's Potty Lock technology seals the waterline, trapping odors beneath and releasing the succulent scent of essentials oils with each touchdown.

"Ok, I bought a bottle because we don't have a fan in our bathroom but it turns out I want to spray it in every room of our house. It smells serioulsy amazing."

-Lisa from Chicago, IL

Stink-stopping science from the unicorn that brought you the Squatty Potty

Potty Lock

Our innovative toilet technology and a blend of essential oils keeps bathroom odors where they belong - beneath the surface of the toilet water.

Colloidal Gold

Suspended in each spritz of Unicorn Gold, Colloidal Gold reacts with sulfur to destroy odor and make your next brick the best you'll ever lay.

A few sprays keeps any bathroom fresh, no matter the bomb that's dropped.

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Stopping the stink couldn't be easier:

Spray the toilet water

Take care of "number two"

Keep your secret where it belongs

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"Aerosol fresheners don't even come close. I can't believe it's taken so long to discover this. Going #2 will never be the same in our house."

-Bethany from Little Rock, AK

Stopping the stink couldn't be easier:

Get your Unicorn Gold today!

Banish the stink, guaranteed.

A few sprays of Unicorn Gold will leave your throne (and your throne chambers) smelling cleaner than a unicorn's whistle or your money back.

"Unicorn Gold is a life saver. I don't leave home without it."

-Dean from Sheboygan, WI